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You Will Not steal My Power

When I was younger, in between my twenties and thirties, I was weak. I was vulnerable to the point that I was allowing others to steal my power. I allowed others to dictate how I needed to serve the spirit world and honor my ancestors.

I allowed others to tell me how to serve them, but what they were doing was dictating how to do as I say and follow their directions, for they had inserted their authority over my spiritual life. It was so crazy. I mean, I was traveling hundreds of miles to pay tribute to people who were taking my money and my power.

I could hear the spirits talking to me while telling me the opposite of what the truth was. My mind was in constant confusion, for all I wanted to do was make sure that I was doing everything required of me to become a perfect spiritualist.

In becoming their spiritual slave, I lost my power. They stripped me of my thoughts and actions and guided me into their perverted way of domination. I would go to their home and see brand new televisions and cars sitting in the driveway from the money they took from me. They were living lavishly with my money, as I was struggling with overtime and trying to get cash up to pay for dues and initiation and rituals. I thought I had left the church?

But then I woke up. I met a person who told me the truth, and I began to rely on my intuition on how I needed to serve my ancestors and work with my spirit guides. Slowly I began to gain my power back, and all those who stole from me and led me in the wrong direction began to fall.

The more I took my power back, and the more their lives began to unravel at the seams. I began to do the service of honoring my ancestors better, for they told me what they wanted, what they needed. Not what these people were telling me.

No matter who you decide to allow to mentor you, no matter what path you choose during your walk, do not allow anyone to steal your power. When it becomes like church, give them the middle finger and walk away.

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India Wayman
India Wayman
06 de dez. de 2021

Queen Mother I love this!!!! I am soooo happy that you took back what is rightfully yours!!!

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