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Social Media Can Be Dangerous

Social Media Can Be Dangerous

It is hard to stay off social media when it has become a huge part of everyday life. When I think about the past, I see life as a younger person without cell phones and being distracted by so many unrelated issues pertaining to my growth. Life was so much simpler then. People communicated more by sending letters, having gatherings, and enjoying family.

Social media has made us lazy. We send emails versus writing letters. They say that it is quicker and it is, but when you try to write a letter now, your hand gets tired. Spirituality to me back then was joining groups and going to these meetings in a safe public space. Where you took notes and you got to really see how people move.

But now it is all about forming groups on social media where anyone can type in false information and claim it to be true. Back then, we met face to face, and we felt one another’s energy by connecting physically and being present in the moment. Do you think that we can still be present in the moment on social media?

People become TikTok famous in a world where if there was no social media would they be? Like minds find like-minded people, and we all search for our tribe; however, why is there a sense of wanting to belong or be a part of what others are doing on social media?

I will admit that I tend to become lazy because I have joined so many platforms and the norm is to be a part of these platforms to be more popular. I have the following accounts: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, X, Rumble, Telegram, Snapchat, Newsmax, and my own site. Whatever happened to Black Planet? I am constantly sent emails to hire a virtual assistant so that my business and my platform can grow, but I keep thoughts in the back of my mind that I cannot keep creating content to keep followers.

Social Media gives, at times, a false sense of reality with filters and gadgets to keep the audience engaged. Everyone is saying the same thing. Everyone is doing the same thing. It tends to get boring, because what was once fun and spreading knowledge now has become competitive to boost your following. Is this all real?

You turn on YouTube, and you have so many people doing astrological readings, and it tends to become overwhelming. Like what is really going on? We are oversaturating spirituality without tapping into our own power but allowing others t to tell us what we need to do and how to do it. Hell, I even tried jumping on that bandwagon only to realize that it was not for me.

Not to say that there is valuable information that can be found on social media, but you must look hard, be intuitive, and make sure that you are not being fooled. Social Media has turned spirituality into a money-making business that no one cares about for real. Social Media Can be Dangerous!

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