The Team

We are dedicated to our Ancestors first and foremost. We understand how energy manifests in different situations. We will do our best to help you in all areas of your life as needed. We suggest that you book a reading with us in order to evaluate the situation and give you the best outcome. We greatly appreciate you for trusting us with areas of your life! Ase!

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Queen Zoaya Counts

Founder & CEO

Hoodoo Practioner, Conjurer, Certified Death Doula. Studies in Santeria, Ifa, Lucumi, Palo Mayombe and Vodun. Certified in Angelic Healing mastering grounding, setting intentions, and evoking the healing rays by calling the Archangels for assistance and being a conduit of light energy.


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Johnisha Reed

Natal Chart Reader

I am Johnisha, a native of Texas, and I have been studying the art of astrology for over a decade. My passion for birth chart interpretations began when I first discovered the accuracy of using my chart as a guide to seek answers from within and know myself fully. My readings are sourced with love and light, and I aim to expand your conscious awareness of "self" and learn how cosmic energies can influence your daily life.