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Heeding to Wisdom

I have so much to say but yet it's not easy for me to allow the words to flow properly. For the last 3 years , I have been giving so much of my energy to other people and it has been draining. I truly understand that it's about the work, but my work needs to flow in a different direction. I have to redirect my own personal energy into what is needed for me and not what is always needed for others.

This path has not been easy for me and at other times it has been inspiring. But I must heed to the wisdom of the Ancestors and shut down all my booking sessions and services.

At first when I was given this message, I ignored it because I was made to feel as if I was needed. That if I did stop doing readings that it would hurt others and I do not want to hurt you. But the reality is that I was hurting myself!

Losing sleep at night, trying to keep up with everyone's needs and demands,trying to help sort out your personal life and while I gave, I was hurting myself more.

My energy was being depleted and people were trying their best to push past my boundaries and place demands on my time. Freely I gave it not realizing that I was giving away to much and feeling very lonely.

Oya is the owner of nine masks and one of my masks needed to come off. With gratitude I thank you all for trusting me and allowing me to see you!

All I ask is that you respect my wishes and do not push through my barriers because of what you need.

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