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Spring Hits Different This Year

What’s Spring?

When I was school-age, I would look forward to Spring. Spring meant that we got out of school for one week, I got a new dress, with lace socks and white patent leather shoes with an easter bonnet. Then we did easter egg hunts and received chocolate bunnies and colorful candies. It was a special time of year!

As I became an adult the pretty dresses and clothes were passed down to my children, for I was only doing what I had been taught by my mother, to celebrate Easter because it was the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I know you all remember.

Now that my path has changed and I have remembered, I see Spring as a season of renewals. I see Spring as a season of rebirth, and I sit in nature as I watch the plants come back to life. I see how the animals who live outside my home are mating and preparing for the birth of their young.

I pay attention to the cosmos. I pay attention to the sun, moon, and stars. Did you all know that this Spring will usher in a powerful universal movement? We have the full moon eclipse, we have a comet, and then we have a solar eclipse. All these different portals will be open to us.

I never thought I would be celebrating Spring again in a million years. But here I am. The new way to celebrate Spring is to spring clean ourselves. To detox our bodies and get our minds right. This happens when we meditate, do yoga, do Pilates, or just take long walks outside. This happens when we wake up and let go of things we have outgrown. We embrace the newness of us, and the newness of others.

I see all seasons differently and I respect Mother Nature, but most importantly I respect the rebirth and transformation of energy.

I know parts of this world are going through turmoil, but even in Spring, we can send healing energy and love to help uplift. To help rebuild and to help encourage.

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