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True Cleansings

True Cleansing

Several years ago, in December, I was attending this festival for the spirits. The houngan who was conducting the festival had advised everyone to purchase this cleanse to prepare us for the new year. People were snatching these baths up like it was going out of style. I wanted one because everyone was buying one, and I needed to get rid of negativity from the current year.

The instruction was that we had to bathe in Irish spring soap first, then wash in the mixture. It was so much of it that we had a choice to either do it in seven days before the new year or one full bath. I decided to do the 7-day ritual bath.

I poured the mixture into the bathwater, and it smelled so good. The water was blue, and there were pieces of herbs floating in the mix. I did this ritual for seven days! Emerging myself fully into the bath while allowing the water to envelop my body, I began to talk to my ancestors. I felt so refreshed and would instantly fall into a deep sleep.

But then shit hit the fan! Everything that could go wrong went wrong! I could not hold on to money, bills were behind, and I got served with an eviction notice. My car got repossessed, and I was so helpless! I stayed crying every day, trying to figure out what I had done wrong?

I had taken that bath, so why was I going through all of this?

It seemed like mishaps happened to me for at least five months. I wanted to give up, and I wanted to curse that houngan for giving me a bath that had not done its job. The beginning of that new year was horrible. But suddenly, things began to change.

I mean, I got a significant raise on my job and had paid off my bills. Even though I managed to get back into my apartment, something else opened up for me, and I moved into a better place with amenities. I even managed to buy myself another car. Things began to improve so much in my life that I became overwhelmed by all of it.

Then I began to understand why all the bad things happened in my life before the blessings that came my way. I was misusing my money and spending it foolishly on things that I did not need. By going through that experience, when the money began to roll in, I used wisdom to make positive changes. My apartment was roach-infested, and I needed to move out of that hole in the wall. I had bought a car that I knew I really could not afford the car payments, and it had gotten taken away from me.

But as I began to use wisdom and make the correct choices for myself, my life began to turn around. I realized that the bath would not drop blessings out of the sky but remove my old way of thinking and use the wisdom that my ancestors knew I had. The bath brought in the storm so that I could see clearly past it. I had so many negative things in my life that I needed to clean up first before I could enjoy what was for me.

That is what actual cleansings do! We must remember that we can expect things to be cleansed off us if we still keep the same mindset that got us into those negative situations. We are going to go thru so many experiences in this human form. But once you go through that actual cleanse and gain wisdom, your ancestors will smile at you and give you precisely what you need!

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