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Spiritual Archetypes

Spiritual Archetypes

Have you ever heard the term Spiritual archetypes? Me neither until I ran across this article that spoke upon it. To give you my definition of what it means, the archetype represents a person's character, and once you place the spirit in front of it, it represents a person's gifts. According to the article that I read it states that there are a total of 12 different archetypes that we all fall in:

1. The Innocent- a person who see good in everything and wants everyone to live in love and peace. They view the world in love and light vision. They want everyone to love them, and they want to love everybody. Their most excellent strength is the ability to not see flaws in others, but their weakness is they can not see the flaws in themselves.

2. The Orphan- they seek to belong to anything spiritual. They are always looking for a place to belong in the world and may join various groups and societies to find a place where they can fit in. Also, they prevent situations that will harm them, yet they must learn to rejuvenate through interacting with others. They sometimes want to skip the developmental stage and go straight into it. They have a fear of being left out. Their strength is the life lessons that they were forced to learn early.

3. The Warrior-they fight for what they believe in and advocate for that recognition. They feel that it is their job to care for others and defend those who are spiritually weak. They will fight for you and go thru any mountain to help you.

4. The Caregiver-they want to take care f everyone. These are also empaths and very passionate about what they are feeling. They seek to help people overcome their fears yet will sometimes burn themselves out trying to help others.

5. The Seeker-they will always seek knowledge and may even travel to find spiritual wisdom. They may believe that enlightenment is about being better, which leads to them jumping from one self-improvement class to the next but never devoting enough to achieve anything. This says that they will search and search, gain the knowledge, and know-how to apply it to their life when needed.

6. The Rebel-they often stem from being the seeker, for if they find that something is not right, they will try to fix it and go against what they were taught to get their point across. They will destroy everything they learn spiritually to start fresh if need be and do not care who doesn't like it. However, rebels might sometimes discard perfectly acceptable traditions simply because they want to reform them.

7. The Lover- they are similar o the innocent but see love in everything. They want to live in love and try to enhance all forms of it in their lives. They struggle to deal with disagreement and may struggle to defend their concepts and convictions in the face of more aggressive kinds.

8. The Creator-they want to create everything. They wish to create new paths and ways and see things differently. They are the creators of their destiny, and they see themselves as goddesses or gods. They will push themselves to the max to allow creativity to flow thru.

9. The Jester-they will seek to make people laugh and want them to enjoy the path that they are on. They seek to encourage and to see the positive side of everything. They will mask their sorrow to see the happiness on others' faces.

10. The Sage-they will always be looking for the truth. The Sage seeks truth and enlightenment and will go great distances to discover the next golden piece of wisdom. They will help others on their path but will find it difficult to help themselves at times. They are frequently in teaching positions. Consistently making aspirations a reality, the individual still yearns for the absolute truth and deepens their pursuit.

11. The Magician-they seeks to grasp the fundamental rules of science and metaphysics to change situations, influence the public, and bring visions to life. The Magician's quest is to transform or change someone or something in some way, not to 'perform magic.' Also, the Magician wields immense power and should be respected as such. They may also be afraid of themselves and their ability to cause damage. Their ultimate purpose is to transcend into a higher dimension of reality.

12. The Ruler

-they enjoy being in charge, and their way is right, and everyone's is wrong. The Ruler enjoys being in command. They frequently have a strong understanding of what will work in a particular situation; they assume they know what is best for a community or group and can become dissatisfied when others do not embrace their views. Their weakness is not having an open mind, for they can not perceive that someone knows more than they do.

I have seen myself in all of these archetypes. This is how spirituality will work with people who are just beginning to understand their path. These 12 types are the beginning to the end. Then they will start over, for no one person can truly understand their journey's experience unless they have genuinely traveled within themselves to understand their true potential.

But as a side note, doesn't this sound like the major arcana in tarot cards?

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As I was reading this I was thinking about the tarot. So true and then combinations that we experience through out our lives. We all tend to be all of them at some point in our lives to someone. Awesome breakdown.

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