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Reality of Life

Reality of Life

The truth lies deep within, knowing that with each thought, you may not win. Slow progression leads you closer to your unknown mission. You will incur battle scars while you understand that trust has to be earned, not given to you.

People will lie to you, and they will keep coming, especially when dealing with a dismal past that you have not yet learned to heal from the pain. But you got to keep hoping for salvation to help you erase the pain that stains you, like green grass that will not erase. You begin to envision a better future for your tomorrow by seeking confirmation from spiritual readers and others to help you understand your life.

At night you cry silently to yourself, soaking your pillow with tears that keep flowing. These are only libations to your soul, so you must step outside yourself and remember your goals. You can not score any points as shit will hit the backboard, and for some unknown reason, you still do not believe that shit is real. So you want to remove yourself from certain situations instead of facing your fears, which will still cause you so much confusion.

At times you find yourself traveling on a lonely highway only to find that you keep making wrong turns, and then you try to head back in the same direction, wanting confirmation that you did not make that mistake. But when reality slaps you in your face, you discover that you did make that choice.

Suddenly you hear footsteps in the dark, sparking fear, and it seems that non-miracles are working in your favor. When this happens, you begin to savor the scent of the bad smells you have been living in, and you awake to the truth that what you thought isn’t and what you know you didn’t.

Then you deal with people who hit you at every angle, destroying all sides of your triangle, leaving your mentals drained. You strain your middle ear trying to hear, no understand, the voices whispering telling you that shit is real. You close your eyes then open them only to see shadows moving across your floor, darting in and out.

Life is not going to be perfect, nor will the trials or temptation stop. But along the way, you have to be able to use wisdom and common sense when you begin to start over. There are always new beginnings and well endings. We hate the endings but love the openings, and we tend not to understand how to deal with rejection,

This spiritual path is not about love and light, but it also includes darkness, sadness, and rejection. As we live in this human body, we have to understand that if we do not face our realities, we will never overcome any challenge placed before us!

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