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Getting to Know Yourself

Getting to Know Yourself

When I first began this walk, I wanted to do everything on my spiritual journey. I was eager to learn everything that I needed to learn to gain access to the unknown. It was exciting to know that black people had religion besides Christianity, and I had to find everything.

I wanted to do this and that, and I wanted to do everything. I chatted with people who opened my mind to many possibilities that I was engaging in everything that was not dealing with the church. I went to every festival that dealt with spirit, and I had to know prominent people in the community. I wanted others to know that I knew these people and was very faithful to them.

But the one person that I had not become faithful to was myself. I had barely scratched the surface of who I was, which left me in a constant state of confusion. I did not take the time to get to me and allow the clutter of all the knowledge I was receiving to settle in before I began jumping onto something new. It was some crazy time.

This action is what happens to us when we begin this journey. We act like we can gather it all and do everything without first taking baby steps. The first step is to learn about ourselves. The first action we must do is learn how to control our breathing. The bible states that once God had given the breath of life to Adam, he became a living human being. Think about that for s minute.

That means that our first breath is one that we must take to begin this journey. That means that we must first control our breathing to allow the energy from life to settle in our consciousness before we start cluttering our minds too much. I had to understand the reasons behind my eagerness and why I wanted to do this. What was pulling me towards this way of life? What would be my end game, and what plans did I need to make to be successful?

The funny thing about this was that I did not start asking questions until after all the initiations. I did not ask this question until I had reached my forties. I was in my early thirties when the knowledge came; so many years had gone by before I began to realize and say to myself, slow the fuck down, take a breath and start over.

Once the revelation hit me, I went thru a rebirth. It had to take trials, tribulations, people talking about me behind my back, and many tears before I realized that I had gone about this journey the wrong way. I began controlling my breath, and I got to know so much of myself that when I started again, I was ready; I was wiser!

The knowledge that I had gained over the years was my guide to being the best me that I could be.

Once you get to know yourself, the rest of the journey will become easy. The knowledge and wisdom that you will gain will open your consciousness and raise your vibrations so high that you begin to see the spirit in everything and know how to understand the messages that the universe is sending you.

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