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Control Your Breath

Every time we turn on the television and turn to the news channels, we constantly view so much chaos in the world. We hear of this virus attacking everyone in this world, and it's enough to place fear into our hearts. Dealing with the virus does not even include our everyday lives in which we are trying to maintain by making sure that our families are taken care of properly. Inflation is attacking our wallets, and some of our jobs are in jeopardy. We go to church, get our knees, pray, and hope that the great being upstairs listens to our prayers and will send help soon. We leave these spiritual places only to repeatedly recreate the same daily habits while still observing all the chaos in this world.

But do we ever take the time to breathe? Do we sit down for at least twenty minutes in a quiet place and control our breathing? Learning how to manage our breathing will help us release stress and make sound decisions when we are dealing with all the chaos going on in the world today. Even when we reach out to others to help us understand what we are going thru, we still need to learn how to breathe. We need to know how to relax no matter what is going on in the world around us to handle all these crazy situations coming our way.

Life gets complicated, and it's very depressing, especially when you are an empath and feel everything. But when you begin to control your breathing and allow slow breaths to enter your body for at least twenty minutes, you will start to see an improvement in your way of thinking, and you will be able to make sound decisions in this chaotic world.

From the mind of Queen Zoaya Counts

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