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Avenge vs. Revenge

According to the biblical meaning of avenge: (VERB) to inflict punishment as an act of retributive justice (NOUN) inflicted pain or retaliation for real or perceived wrongdoings.

According to the biblical meaning of the word revenge: (NOUN), the action of inflicting hurt or harm on someone for an injury or wrong suffered at their hands (VERB) inflict hurt or harm on someone for damage or wrong done to (someone else).

Often when someone has done so much harm to our persons, we want to get back at them. We want them to hurt as badly as they have hurt us. But when we are doing this spiritual walk, we believe that a high power will not like it, and we let it go and try our best to heal from it.

I get so angry when I am doing my consultations, and people cry telling me how badly someone has hurt them. It's like they are in despair, and they want to take revenge on them. We give so much of ourselves to others to only have walk all over us and stomp on what dignity we have left.

The most serious of the injuries caused, the heartbreak that we felt that continues to repeat. It forced us to go thru this healing process very slowly, and we began to hate everyone because we did not take action against that person to avenge the pain they caused.

But what even hurts the most is that we will use this as an excuse:" I ask God to forgive me, so why can't you?"

They pull the God card thinking that it will ease their conscience and that all is forgiven and forgotten. NOT!!!

We suffer in silence, trying to reason ourselves why these people get away with murder, have everything, and we are left here holding the bag, waiting to see them gets theirs—waiting on Karma to come and kick them in the ass.

The bible says an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, hand for a hand, burn for a burn. You have to stop getting caught up in the New Testament and to where it teaches us that we are so supposed to turn the other cheek. Let that shit go.

If you did nothing wrong and all you did was give all you had, and you were walked on, stolen from, and abused, then seek to avenge that wrongdoing. Seel revenge for a family member that has is too weak to help themselves.

I know someone might question, but why did God say vengeance is mine? To my understanding, I interpret that if I am created in the image and likeness of the Highest, then vengeance is mine.

Are you deliberating about hurting someone who has never done anything to you? Are you coming from a place of jealousy to stop someone's else growth because your shit is not coming out right? You are doing any of that. So seek help from a person who knows what they are doing and has knowledge of working in the spiritual world to avenge the wrongdoings.

Stop worrying about if it's going to come back on you. The only way it will is if you lied about the incident and had no role to play in it. But if you are innocent and you have been truthful, the spirit world will help you, which will make that healing process go a little faster.

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Roxanne Sandy
Roxanne Sandy
15 ene 2022

I’m amazed of the cruelty that goes on in this world, you don’t have to do anything for someone to want to take your light. No matter how kind and empathetic my husband and I are we still have hateful people still trying to destroy us for no reason. I too have taught about vengeance, but I don’t want to dirty my hands, I need to keep a clean spirit and a pure heart, and not let anyone make me into what they’re. My plight is getting to know myself and out myself first because I have always put my family ahead of me, while I know yo myself that I need to heal my wounds. My way of healing…

Me gusta

Michael Jones
Michael Jones
03 dic 2021

...if I am wronged, retribution is swift and exact. I learned this year's ago and have a more balanced life because of it. These folks know exactly what they are doing and using "civility" to wrong you, duping you into being a "willing" victim.

Listen to the sounds inside you. That discernment will keep you safe and sane. And if you have clean hands and good faith in all your dealings, and they still wrong you...crush them to dust...with a justifiably clear conscience.

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Very insightful…I go through this on a daily basis. I’m not going to lie I’ve thought so many times about revenge until it scares me. I wasn’t raised that way. Yes I’m one of those that believe that vengeance is mine said the lord. God will make your enemy your footstool. Reading this has given me a different perspective on it. Still not sure if I will seek it or not. Thank you 😊

Me gusta
06 nov 2021
Contestando a

I do not want people to feel bad about those type of thoughts. Just to understand them but how long does it take for Karma to come around 🤔

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