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Whom To Trust?

Who to Trust?

I swear that every time I look on social media sites, all I see are spiritual people who are doing so many things. I see people doing live tarot card readings, frequency vibration exercises, pendulum divination, and just giving words of encouragement.

Next, you have people honoring the Orishas, Lwas, and other different deities. There are so many different paths, so many choices. You have people speaking on Hoodoo where everyone is wrong except them and others bragging about what they can do and then telling you that their way is correct. For a beginner, this cannot be very clear.

You find yourself attracted to this, and you hear how other people are doing things different from what you just heard, which also brings about confusion. I mean, how do you know who is speaking the truth?

I find myself doing it all because, guess what, it all goes together! I am sure someone will tell me that I do not know what I am talking about and may even try to throw shade at me. But why throw shade at someone when we are all in this together?

Our walk in this way of life should be treated as such, our way of life. Spirits, or whatever you may want to call them, work with everyone differently. Allow me to repeat that, Spirits or whatever you may want to call them, work with everyone differently. It's like what might work for someone may not work for you.

How do you trust that you are following the right person or even know if someone is trying to take your money and lie to you? You have to examine a person's ego! The one thing that I love most about initiation is that it's the death of the ego, and you become more humble to understand that what you are supposed to be about is the work, and if you are not about the job, then you are an entertainer.

Try a spirit by a spirit, and you will know whom to trust! I gather bits and pieces of information from everywhere. I use what is needed for me, and I leave the rest behind. You must use your intuition, and I will admit that even if you do not remove emotions, you may even make a mistake in your choice.

It's okay if you want to take online classes to obtain knowledge, but the most important lesson comes from your own experience and applying that knowledge.

Do not allow yourself to be discouraged by all this spiritual stuff! Relax, breathe, and your Ancestors will place the right people and energies into your life.

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Brown Suga
Brown Suga
Sep 06, 2021

I truly believe that everything is tied in together

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