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Unsettling Energy

Unsettling Energy

I can not believe that we are almost done with March. This month has been one of those months that most people wish they could have a do-over. Spring sprung up quickly, and I did not feel the energy of the change.

I know that I was not so wrapped up in doing stuff that I forgot to celebrate the newness of life. But with so much going on in the world, it's hard to enjoy yourself.

We have wars in the world, food shortages, family against family, and so much fuckery. But my instructor sent out an email this morning to help lift our spirits. I read it several times, for I wanted it to sink into my Soul. I will share it so that it will help uplift you as well.

The energy around us has become so unsettling to the empaths and those truly about the work.

I asked myself," why do you want to read? Why do you want to help others tap into their power? Why do you do any of this?"

Maybe I was speaking to my Ancestors, waiting for them to give me an answer, and I am still waiting for that answer. But in the meantime, let me share this with you all:

10 Life Lessons

In the spirit of contemplation and reflection, here are ten lessons we can be inspired by:

1. Simplification & essentialism are needed–purging and decluttering the unnecessary and old draws new opportunities into your life.

2. Constraints are a good thing – wanting to appeal to everyone means you'll appeal to no one. So have solid boundaries and stick to them.

3. Have a clear vision based on your deeply held beliefs and values – be heart and Soul led in all you do.

4. Return to your Heart Centre – passion is always motivating. Don't put effort into areas you have no interest in; the right people will come to you eventually.

5. Energy is finite – focus and deliberately hone in on what truly matters. Be realistic with your energy and time - there are only so many hours. Acknowledge and honor the yin side of you.

6. Creating order creates clarity – it may be boring, but being disciplined for organization. The external is a reflection of the internal and vice versa.

7. Don't be afraid to teach to learn – often, the most engaging way of walking the spiritual path is by becoming both the student and teacher simultaneously.

8. Tending your courses - honing your unique spiritual pathway is a form of spiritual alchemy – in building it, it makes you! Anything you create reflects your own heart, mind, and Soul.

9. There's no such thing as "work-life balance" – if you're genuinely passionate about what you do, don't compartmentalize it. Allow it to flourish. However, set boundaries and walk away for a while to let the patterns and ideas simmer.

10. Have patience and tenacity – focus on quality, not quantity. Set goals and do one thing every day to step closer to them. Even when times get tough, keep going and never give up!

Embrace the light within you


Every last one of these lessons applies

to me, and even though we are dealing with unsettling energy, the energy that I possess will be settled in my personal life.

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