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Understanding Readings

Understanding Readings

The first time I received a reading was in 2000, and I was scared shitless. I was taken down into a basement in Washington D.C and read by the A Priestess of the Akan. She walked behind a veil

, and I could see candles flickering, bright flames casting shadows against the wall. There was African drumming music playing, and I was so nervous.

The Queen Mother began speaking in Twi and pouring gin into a vase, and as she continued speaking in Twi, my nervousness began to reside, and I was now feeling tingling sensations all over my body. I could sense whatever she was calling to enter that sacred space, pulling me to it.

Once the shift was over, she asked me if I had a question. I would ask my questions and wait for the answer. A few seconds would go by, and she would give me my answers. The spirit speaking to me told me that I had to get that person out of my house because he was using me and stopping me from my spiritual growth. I asked why and he told me that my emotions were too involved, and there would be no way I could advance if I were to cross up emotionally with my situation.

After that session, she walked me back upstairs, gave me a dark liquid bottle, and told me to sprinkle it all over his belongings and burn these two incenses. She told me that he would vacate my home within seven days. I followed her instructions, and within seven days, he was gone.

A few things she told me did not happen to me right away; they occurred within three years. I began to understand that the reading was about my spiritual growth and that whatever was in my life was blocking my succession had to be removed. Years later, I began to understand what a reading was about fully.

We get readings to know what is going on in our lives. Past lessons help us gain wisdom from mistakes, the present helps us understand what is going on now, and the future helps us know what can happen if we make the correct changes currently in the present. But most of us escape that part.

I read all that I see, and I often tell my clients that if something comes up for them, it's to help them gain wisdom. But often, it's to give you the warning to clean up the mess in your life and prepare yourself for what you can expect. But like all things, the energy changes based on your reaction to what has been revealed to you.

If you are not changing things to help you, how can you expect the positive changes in your life, and how can you expect the reading to change?

You have to do your part, and a good reader will tell you what needs to be done to get the best outcome. They are supposed to assist you in cleansing your aura and help with mental clarity. But suppose you decide to focus on certain aspects of the reading and not the entire element. In that case, you will find yourself constantly getting readings repeatedly because you have not made the necessary changes in your life to succeed.

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