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When I was five years old, I remember playing in the living room and singing this song about God. I was saying his name in the music, and my mother rushed into the living room and began yelling at me.

“How do you that name, and where did that song come from!”

“I just heard it in my mind, and the song just came to me,” I said tearfully. My mother did not play, and I was nervous. I could not figure out why she was yelling at me. What had I done wrong?

“You are not allowed to sing that anymore! We are not supposed to be saying God’s name, period! Do you understand me?” She was still yelling at me.

Tears were flowing from my eyes, I thought I would get a spanking, but she calmed down suddenly and sat down on the couch.

“How did this song just come to you?”

What a question to ask a five-year-old who just enjoyed playing with dolls and tea sets, and I had no idea how to answer that question. But suddenly I felt a warmness come over me and I heard this voice speak to me. The sound was so calming, so I got the courage, and I told my mom that I was up in the sky; when someone called me to this excellent throne room. I didn’t remember if someone was there, but I felt this ominous presence. It told me that I was going below to be with my mother. I told her that the name that I heard was Jehovah and that all we did was sing songs.

We were members of this holiness church, and when she told the pastor, he would make me stand in front of the church and tell my story over and over again. I guess in their minds, and I had given them confirmation that God did exist. But what they did not know was that I heard voices speaking to me all the time.

As I began to mature in age and mind, things began to get more vital for me. I could see and feel spirits and ghosts around me. My dreams were very vivid, and when I stepped away from the church, I realized that I had gifts.

We all have gifts! Let me repeat that; WE ALL HAVE GIFTS! At times, these gifts become more robust, especially those who have inherited their skills through the bloodline. Still, as we learn more and develop our consciousness to understand ourselves, we increase that power.

We all have a role to play in this universe, and it is up to us to use all the knowledge that we acquire to our fullest potential. But the secret to truly understand your gift is to know that we all have the power to create. The ability to develop and to be able to manifest whatever it is we need to display.

One thing I take with me from growing up in the church is faith. You have to have more confidence in yourself and trust yourself more to use your gifts to their fullest potential!

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