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Herbs, Roots, Stones, and Other

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Happy Day,

The Vernal or Spring Equinox is approaching, and I would like to share it with YOU!

Join me in Kentucky's Hape Ceremony from March 21st through March 23rd, 2024.

The price for this ceremony is 405.90. This includes a hotel stay for three days. You will be in a suite with other participants. The Hape Ceremony is where you will have your karipe (provided for your journey), a trip to the Serpent Mounds, and journaling. You are responsible for your travel arrangements and food.

A deposit of 100.00 is required and is due by January 27th, 2024. The remaining balance is due by March 18th, 2024. The space is limited to 5 people. First come, first serve.

The Hapè ceremony will occur on Friday, March 22nd, beginning at 7:00 pm. The ceremony will be held at my home for cleansing purposes but remember that the hotel stay sleeps five people. If you decide to book your room for your privacy, you are responsible for your hotel stay. However, the price for the Hapè ceremony is 72.00.

Everything is included in the price for those who will be staying in the suite with others.

What is Hape or Rapeh? It is a powder combining dried flowers, tree bark, resins, leaves, seeds, shells, herbs, and roots. It comes from various South American indigenous tribes and is created with a foundation of mapacho, a tobacco that grows naturally along the Amazon basin. A few blends are made with the mapacho, and I will have some tobacco-free.

Each blend has different spiritual properties based on your personal needs. This includes emotional healing, visions, and connections with the spirit world. It helps to enhance, expand, and deepen your journey. I will serve you. You will receive two doses given at two different times; I will have several blends to choose from.

Spring Equinox

In the spiritual realm, the Spring Equinox represents more than just changing seasons. It is a time of duality and equilibrium, where light and dark, physical and spiritual, inner and outer worlds are in perfect balance. This alignment offers a unique opportunity for introspection and personal growth, providing clarity after periods of confusion or inner turmoil.

If you live in the surrounding area and you choose not to stay in the hotel, and just be a part of the Hape Ceremony, the cost is 72.00.

Tiffany Moore

Can’t wait!



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