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Herbs, Roots, Stones, and Other

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Happy New Day,

Can you believe that we are halfway through June? I was on a much-needed rest and did not forget. Have you ever tried cedar?

Cedar is good for psychic and protective energies. I was listening to this video on the Annunaki and it told how they used Cedar quite a lot. Cedar has a way of keeping psychic channels open while protecting you at the same time. Cedar is also one of the ingredients used during the Sweat Lodge Ceremony. The oil can be used to anoint the third eye.


Good afternoon everyone.

It was something I'd been working on since January at times it was like a roller coaster ride so high I was

In tears what am I going to do or who can help me. This the part that defines WORK... I never gave up I was in the lab I gave working a break for a Lil min to let it work and back on it I was. No matter what I never stopped or changed my intentions I did get clearer with my wording if anything I got more determined. All the while I was also working on myself a pure heart and clean hands...Yes I had to call the police, I didn't want to pepper spray my own child I did, even calling to have him committed for mental evaluation I did .

I'm his mother I know my son it hurt deeply do…

Tiffany Moore

Happy New Day,

This month we are going to work with Camphor. Camphor is used to cleanse and banish negativity totally. It is also used to ward off unwanted advances from others and aids in healing and stimulating the psychic senses.

You can do a floor soak with Camphor to help heal and detoxify the body. During flu season, we often add a few pieces of Camphor to a hot pot of water or a diffuser to cleanse the germs and help you breathe better.

This is a powerful tool to use in Hoodoo.

Tiffany Moore

Greetings Everyone,

Everything that has been shared about the different herbs and elements what do you think about this 

 and how you'd really make it pop


We are learning about working with herbs, roots, stones, and...


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