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Saturn Return

Anyone with Saturn in Pisces in their natal birth chart is currently going through their return.

Saturn Pisces Dates:

March 23, 1964- September 16.1964

December 16, 1964- March 3, 1967

May 21, 1993- June 30, 1993

Jan. 28, 1994 – April 7, 1996

1.      The first return was between ages 27 and 30, this was your initiation into adulthood. You begin to define yourself and begin to want to become yourself. Not caring nor seeking validation from others, but just coming into being. This may have been the most difficult period in your life when everyone seemed to be against you.

2.      The second return occurred at the end of your 50’s. You move more into a mentorship role, where you begin to offer others wisdom and guidance. You begin to help others who are going through their 1st return. (I am in my late 50’s and I see that happening)

3.      The third return will take place in our 80s when we gather all our wisdom and share it with others for future generations.

Saturn represents a tough-love teacher. Saturn represents the following.

·         The ability to achieve.

·         Your perceived limitations

·         How are you disciplined?

·         The way your growth is restricted to process and progress.

·         The way you make and receive judgments.

·         Where you can disassociate

·         Your career, what you put out into the world, your professional self.

4 things to know about Saturn in Pisces

1.      What is reality? - this is what we will constantly keep questioning because it gets weird and there is no direct answer.

2.      Compassion is cool. - We must learn to have compassion for others in a way that we understand that we are all connected in this human life.

3.      Discernment. Pisces deals with truth, but can also create confusion, illusion, and even delusion. We must dissolve those things in our lives that do not align with our highest truth. Think about how when the lights come on at the end of a club and you see how dirty everything is.

4.      Figure out who you are and do it on purpose- remember that you contain multitudes, It can be difficult to just focus on one aspect of you when Pisces tells us that we are shapeshifters. So, it's your job to become who you are when it and where it matters the most.

Tiffany Moore


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