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Herbs, Roots, Stones, and Other

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Happy Day,

I love working with incense! It changes the room, and the energy of people, and it's good for also contacting certain spirits and beings. If you have to follow recipes from older books in making your incense, you may find that some ingredients may be hard to find. The perfect example is the incense which was created to work with the planet Mars.

Old Recipe- Loadstone, Sulphur, Myrrh, Roots of Hellebores, Gum Armoniak, Gum Bdellium, Euphorbium. I have never heard of the last three ingredients. I forgot to mention that it also requires the brain of a cat or bat's blood.

New Recipe-Tobacco, Copal, Dragon's Blood, Nettle, Lodestone or Magnet Sand, Sulphur, Myrrh, Egg White. with the Egg white it's just a small tiny glob.

Do you see how the recipe was substituted? If you do not have what you need find out what you can use as a substitute.

Tiffany Moore


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