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Herbs, Roots, Stones, and Other

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Happy New Day! Happy New Year and happy month. The herb to work with this month is clove. I love working with cloves! I know I am revisiting cloves because they are powerful!

Cloves are good for protection, money, driving away negative forces, and purification. I actually made clove water and I spray this around my home when I feel stagnant energy. (I made a video about this ) Some say that you can make a satchel with cloves to attract love.

I have seen people place cloves in oranges in the winter for abundance and p in apples to dry up a person's fortune. Cloves are powerful.

You can even drink it as a tea to boost your immune system! They help with inflammation, kill bacteria, and stop tumor growth. Cloves have many health benefits as well.

You get cloves from any grocery store. I use the powder form and the whole form.

Tiffany Moore
Triche Pochè


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