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Herbs, Roots, Stones, and Other

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Happy Morning,

This month is almost over! We all know that time is linear and does not exist; however, we still use it. I hope you all can tap into the power of Angelica Root. Maybe you used it as a tea to protect yourself from negative energies and spirits. Perhaps you carried some in a small pouch to protect you from witchcraft; who knows how you chose to use it. I love using it when I am helping someone with uncrossing and removing bad luck. Especially in a bath or smoke cleansing. Try it with salt (sea salt) and sulfur. But if you decide to use it to smoke a person or clear your home, make sure to open the windows and smoke the person outside. Sulfur can be very toxic.

Besides, any cleansing has to be outside; who wants negative energy in their home?

Tiffany Moore
Renia Harrison

My uncle moved out my son son came home from jail after 3months no lawyer or pubic defender no bondsman.. have no bond . I drove my son fro.m Georgia with a pass to travel .After cleaning my items moon charge. Much gratitude.

Encouraging my group members everything shared I lived it. I'm very grateful



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