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This Protection Amulet is a powerful tool to ward off harm and negativity. It is made of small gourds and is designed to be used as a shield against witchcraft, negative vibrations, and those who wish to deceive. It is believed to bring protection and clarity to the wearer and is perfect for those seeking a spiritual connection. This amulet is a must-have for any spiritual journey and will bring peace of mind.

****Allow extra time for shipping when pre-ordering****

Protection Amulet

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  • They can be worn on your person, or hung in your home near your doors.  Hold them close in your hands and place your energy into it. Once you have done this, do not allow anyone to touch it.  The energy with these amulets will warm to the touch, itch or shake lightly when you  are  around dishonest energy.

  • If your necklace breaks, you can ship it back to be repaired and recharged for a small fee.

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