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Our 7-Day Work Candles are perfect for candle magick and spiritual rituals. Each candle comes in a glass jar and can burn for up to 7 days. Each candle comes dressed with specific herbs for your needs, making it the perfect tool for any spiritual practitioner. Whether you need a quick boost of positive energy or are looking for a longer-term solution, these work candles are sure to bring the spiritual energy you need.

7-Day Work Candles

$10.00 Regular Price
$5.00Sale Price
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  • La  Siren- Use this candle for working with Yemoja,  Mami Wata and all other female water spirits. Use this candle to help you manifest your power.

    Dark Goddess- use this candle as part of your shadow work and when you want to tap into the dark feminine energy.

    Oya-use this candle to help you with the changes in your life and help bring customers to your business.

    Money Blessing-use this candle with your money rituals and overall abundance

    Shango-Use this candle to help with legal matters, such as documents and contracts, can be used for protection.

    Dark Goddess Protection- use this candle for work dealing with protcetion

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