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African Goddess Initiation

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African Goddess initiation: Aunt Nancy

Aunt Nancy deals with the shadow of betrayal.  She tells us that this is the time to remove clutter and clear our lives of those energies that have betrayed us. She tells us that chaos and betrayal are part of the natural order, and we must go through those situations when they happen.

Aunt Nancy tells us that when we encounter betrayal in our lives, we need to hold space for it.

We start by taking deep breaths then when ready we close our eyes, place our hands over our hearts, and tune in to that emotion, we then fill that part with love for ourselves and lots of light.

A clearing ritual we can do is buy a coconut and bathe it in Florida Water or Kanaga Water.  Then roll the coconut around your home, speaking that all feelings of betrayal and resentment be removed. You must allow this to come from your heart center. This can even be done by rolling the coconut up and down your body. Then discard the coconut at the crossroads.



We will discuss the different African Goddesses. We will app...


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