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African Goddess Initiation

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Greetings Everyone,

They not themselves or is not going in the right direction

Write the name first name 3 times backwards take the name to a window or door pray what the turn around is then bury the paper in the back yard. Anytime of day is cool.

Spirits acting up cayenne pepper and salt whichever salt you have pray over it mixing it then line your threshold back and from with it put at mat over it. ( i lined every room threshold aand put it were they walk and stad... yep i put It down)

Clean your home out with ammonia sweep it out each room get those corner underneath the bed and closets wash the bed linings with it to. Anointing windows and doors will your oil...when washing clothes add a little ammonia


If you have on a bonnet or scarf on wash it after cleaning your house then shower when you finish. clean your shower/ the shower they use with the ammonia open a window or door. It didn't smell strong when I did it I did have fans on I didn't use much sweeping my intentions and shouting peace be still was a heavier usage.

At work throw your mix down where you are demons can't say around it.

Have a marvelously safe day


We will discuss the different African Goddesses. We will app...


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