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African Goddess Initiation

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I am so excited for Mawu-Lisa coming through for us the way that she did. She/he told us that we had to be able to balance out our masculine and feminine sides. How many times have we touched on this, and it keeps coming back to us? This means that we have not yet learned how to completely control our emotions when we get off balance. She/he told us about the Womb Bowl and how we can use 28 pieces of paper write different challenges and issues on it and toss it in the bowl. She/he told us how we can put our issues and challenges on it and every day pull from that bowl and give thanks, but once a challenge has been worked out for us we burn. We were also instructed to sprinkle moon water around our homes as a sign of respect. There was so much going on concerning her/his energy! I appreciate every one of you!



We will discuss the different African Goddesses. We will app...


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