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African Goddess Initiation

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Greetings Everyone,

It comes a time when we on the outside can see how much a individual is in need of some kind of help. At this point any and everything we can do we have done. Now he/she has to do there part and he/she don't see to help themselves.

Intercession... pray on his/ her behalf that the eyes of their comprehending wisdom be opened that they will see mentally and spiritually truth from deception And take action to get or receive Whatever him/her is needing. Having the strength to act in revelation knowledge.

If you recognize the manifestations

Call it out... you know the difference between regular conversations and actions exposure won't allow anything to stay because it's not hidden its out in the open. Don't allow a clown to play on your intelligence and your not at a circus. It has to go..

Mother's have rights...Whatever your title is power and authority to speak up or send prayers up comes with it.

Without disrespecting another's free-will.



We will discuss the different African Goddesses. We will app...


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